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Brochure & Direct Mailers

Crafting effective marketing in print format.

My goal is to create effective communication in a visually appealing manner that captures the spirit of the marketing campaign or business goal.

Monica Vinader


Seasonal Brochures and Direct Mailers sent to the existing customer base.

Cement Monica Vinader as a brand in their mind prior to peak moments of the year.

Provide inspiration or promotional activity.


Should feel elevated and in line with the brand proposition. Utilising best imagery and collections. Editorial feel.

Blostma Floral Design


Working on a client basis and with a small budget, we decided it wasn't worth the time, energy and cost of building a website which would inevitably get low traffic. Instead we looked to build an in detail PDF brochure that could be sent to clients that would inspire and outline the services and could spark conversation about upcoming projects.


Should feel like a bespoke experience, information about services are required but the potential client should feel like they're buying into a full service and this brochure would capture the essence of the brand.

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