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Creative Content Manager

Art Direction & Shoot Management

2019-2020 Photoshoots

Spring Summer Marketing

Doina Collaboration

Core Product Refresh

Christmas Campaign


Working closely with the Head of Brand and Creative Director to reposition the brand to move into a social orientated space. Leading the visual shift and bringing photoshoots in-house to allow us to produce the level and quantity of content required.
Having worked up from Creative Artworker, to Graphic Designer and onto Senior Graphic Designer to reach the role of Creative Content Manager, I was able to have a 360 approach to the needs of the brand and creative team, which enabled me to build the in-house studio to fulfil the needs of the Marketing Team, therefore making it an incredible resource to the business. 

I was in charge of Project Management for weekly on-model and still-life shoots. Across all elements of production and final deployment; production, liaising with talent, sourcing, art direction, post-production, asset distribution.

Examples of where the images where before I lead the brand repositioning:


When working with Charlotte in her capacity as a Creative Content Manager, I found her to be incredibly collaborative, with a very strong creative and ideation capacity, but also very commercial. This made it very easy for the team and I to work with her and ultimately produce work to a very high standard.
She was a pleasure to work with.

- Monica Vinader


Charlie is hands down the best creative I have worked with. Her techinical and design ability speaks for itself, and she is someone whose style and creative can evolve as needed rather than someone who has one approach to every problem.

What makes her stand out though is her amazing  positive and calm attitude, her ability to take a leadership role across functions not just design, and approach things from a bigger picture POV not just a design POV. She is quick and agile, a joy to be around, a creative leader of the future and someone I would have on any brand I worked on if I could.

- Leanne Banks

GM Brand & Marketing

Core Product Refresh 2020



Updating all bestseller imagery based on success of new launch imagery. Bridge the gap between the imagery for our bestsellers which has become dated over time. As these items generate the most sales for the business, how can we push this even further with better creative.



Using trend lead styling for our bestsellers in order to give them a fresh look and feel. We want to show and inspire our customers by combining our more classic pieces with newer pieces to showcase how they can build their collection. 


Utilise the local area to the HQ at Holkham Estate. Visiting the beach and grounds to capture more lifestyle feel than shooting in a studio. 

My role: Art Direction and Shoot Coordination.
This shoot was remotely managed during covid-19.


Doina Collaboration 2020



Exclusive Collaboration with Doina Ciobanu.

Location shoot with Doina in Italy to present the collection.


Inspired by the location of the shoot in Lake Como, decadent textures and fabrication for wardrobe to juxtapose the modern jewellery styling. Lighting and colour to be softened, contrasted shadows and a romantic film colouring. 


Styling by Doina.
My role: Art Direction & Shoot Management.

This shoot was during covid-19 so I remotely managed this on the day and was responsible for the planning and image selection alongside the CEO & founder, Doina and Head of Brand


Spring Summer Marketing 2019



Bringing photo-shoots in-house to allow us to produce the levels of content required to push the brand through social channels. The aim was to make the ranges more accessible and bring more of Monica's personal inspiration and collected items into the imagery to tell a story of the MV woman. 


In-house studio shoot to promote the Spring Summer lines launching. 
Sun-soaked, Mediterranean feel, lightweight fabrics, fractured light through coloured glass, evening light with deep shadows.

My role: Art Direction, Styling, Shoot Management.


Christmas Campaign 2020



Our first location shoot especially dedicated to peak Christmas marketing campaigns. 

Focus on gifting proposition and alternative styling for upsell.


At home setting to capture that Christmas get together feeling. The exchanging of gifts and getting dressed up for Christmas Parties. Lots of jewel tones that compliment the bold gold jewellery styling. Should feel light and bright for winter campaign so it feels disruptive against other Christmas imagery the customer will be seeing at this time. 

My role: Art Direction & Shoot Management.

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