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Paid & Organic Social

Your best opportunity to engage and build a sense of community with your customers.

We've never had this level of engagement with the customer before. They want guidance, inspiration, information and to understand who your brand is. Finding the sweet-spot of social media marketing, whether it be organic or paid, social channels require constant evolution and experimentation. It is a highly competitive space, but when used correctly can be an enormous benefit to your business.



Increase revenue through revived Paid Social Media marketing channels.

Highlight brand core values, high conversion products and key product categories through a 'funnel' approach to Paid Social.

There should be synergy throughout the whole customer experience from Ad to Checkout.


Consistency of visuals across all paid social is important in order to make Naturisimo a recognisable brand to the user. Considering the full customer journey and sticking to brand guidelines for colour, fonts and imagery will enable this.

Flowers With M 


Whilst we are less physically connected we strive for it more.

Valentine's 2021 is limited due to lockdown, let's celebrate romance and tradition by embracing this holiday in an extroverted way. 

Land key brand messages of British grown flowers, independent retailer and essential ordering time cut-offs.


Inspired by kitsch valentine's campaigns and references. The romance of old movies and traditional valentine's colours brings us barbie pink and pure reds with a subtle noise to give it a sentimental feel.

Use this inspiration with a clean modern twist to make it feel relevant and so it stands out on the feed.




See. Think. Do.

Using footage from the previous campaign around the UK, Columbia wants to raise awareness ahead of the next campaign in Europe through paid social to raise awareness of the brand and familiarise customers of the collaboration. 


Capture the feeling of 'life on the road' by creating a moving visual of a travel scrapbook. Fast paced memories flashing through as though you're looking out the car window on a roadtrip. 

Nostalgic feel with handwritten messages and film camera graphic treatment.

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