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Brand Consultant & Web Design


Logo Design

Branding Package

Website Design

Social Media Content


Working with the founder to establish what the key areas of the business are and how we can highlight these online through both the website and social media channels. From here, designing a brand package that will keep the service looking premium and current whilst being clear to navigate.


I couldn’t recommend Charlie’s services enough. She’s easy to work with, adaptable and listens to the brief and grasps your concept quickly. She's got a great eye for design and has massively helped me step up my business.

- Louisa Djuric

Business Owner

Brief & Execution


Update and refresh branding package.

Focus to be on clearing up the navigation for existing and prospective customers

Updating colour palette to make the service feel elevated and current.

Create a unified look across all channels so that the business is easily recognisable.

Create a library of stock imagery for advertising use.


Fortia is about restoring your quality of life through physio services, with a focus on women's health. I wanted the brand package to feel youthful and energetic. Clean and contrasting colours help direct navigation on site and imagery display a lifestyle where you are prioritising looking after your body.

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